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Elsa Hosk helps Victoria's Secret bikini line go out with a bang

05.13.2016by: Droz

It's hard to believe Victoria's Secret wont be selling any bikinis or anything after this year. After decades spent outfitting all the hot and some of the not-so-hot women on beaches the world over, Victoria has decided her beachwear efforts aren't paying off the way she'd like. So they're gonna start focusing on active wear, which is to say yoga pants. Well, the ladies do love those, so I guess I can understand their thinking. Still, what are we gonna do when there's no more pics of hotties like Elsa Hosk on a beach, undulating those jaw-dropping, child-bearing hips on a beach? Actually, Elsa will probably just go model bikinis for someone else on a beach. Still, it truly is the end of a bangable era. At least Elsa is giving it a good last hurrah before the end. So long VS swimsuits. We hardly knew ye.

Source: NSFW


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