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Elsa Hosk goes for cut-offs & cut-out lace for a beach photoshoot

02.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor
With Candice Swanepoel out on maternity leave, I've noticed that all of a sudden we're getting a lot of action from Elsa Hosk, one of the lovely Swedes Victoria's Secret has in their stable of Angels. I like her pointy little nose and ice queen blue eyes, neither of which you can see rather well in these paparazzi shots of the model on the beach in Miami doing a photoshoot. You can see a lot of skin, a surprise what with the weather being so persistently warm and sunny in Florida - if only because I would think that models would have some kind of rider in their contract regarding exposure and skin cancer and all that. I'm curious to see what the end result of this shoot will look like, with the imperfections glossed away and the cleavage artificially bumped up. She still is quite the stunner, although I can't vouch for her having the kind of charisma that Swany has when she's in front of the camera.
Source: Saw First


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