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Ellie Kemper brought an extra dose of adorable to the Webby Awards

05.19.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I knew long ago that Ellie Kemper was absolutely adorable and lovely, but it wasn't until I caught a few episodes of UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT that I pretty much fell in love with the red-haired, wide-eyed, hilarious and hot lady. Thankfully for me (and for all of us) there was something called the Webby Awards that went down the other night and Ellie was looking too damn cute. Her short, sparkly dress is something I'm sure would look better on the floor than on her, but she's so sweet looking that I almost kind of feel bad even implying that she should take her clothes off for my sexual gratification. I should've just said I hope she wears that dress to the picnic I've been planning where we'll share lemonade and cookies. Yeah, that seems a little bit better. We'll go with the picnic setting when she gets naked. After the lemonade and cookies, of course. Yeah, that'll work just fine. 

Source: Celebmafia


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