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Ellie Goulding fails at lipsynching, kills at cleavage flashing

10.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I keep insisting that Ellie Goulding is the reincarnation of the young Tipper Gore. I'm talking about Tipper back when she was Mary Elizabeth, prior to being married to Al Gore, before all of the Parents Music Research Center crap played her out to be an idiot. If you look back, she was a rather pretty girl, not spectacularly note-worthy, but definitely pretty. Every time I see Goulding, I see a Tipper who gets to be in music rather than judging it. Sure, Ellie recently had a major fail with her AFL performance, where she was caught having a difficult time lipsynching to her song "Love Me Like You Do." Getting past all of that, how about these photoshoots she's done recently for Glamour UK and RollerCoaster magazines? I certainly didn't think that her rather clean image would get spruced up with a potpourri of cleavage and see-through shots, but what the hell do I know? I'm the one who thinks the young Tipper Gore was cute. 


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