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Ellie Bamber is the youngest part of the Nocturnal Animals redhead fest

10.18.2016by: Droz

This afternoon is dedicated to the UK hotties, who so frequently show up around here due to their diverse yet equally skilled ability to arouse interest across a wide swath of hottie preference and predilection. Ellie Bamber is one who will surely appeal to the redhead fans, of which I am a proud member. Seen here at the premiere of NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, the young star represents but a portion of the redhead goodness they've placed into this movie. It also stars the ginger goodness of Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, and Laura Linney. That's some inspired casting. Ellie is but a mere novice compared to those accomplished ladies, but she's already got some good points. For one thing, she's just about the prettiest new redhead I've seen in awhile, with that characteristic pale skin and crimson hair which seems to glow and shimmer when any kind of light falls on it. She's also apparently okay with smooshing her boobs up in tight dresses. To me that looks uncomfortable, but if Ellie is good with it, she should by all means continue.

Source: Superior Pics


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