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Does Ellen Page still Flare you up?

04.30.2014by: Droz

This is an interesting one. Ellen Page has been fully out of the closet for a few months now. She's also got this spread in her native land's own fashion magazine, Flare, looking sexier than I've seen her in a long while. She's also reprising her role as Shadowcat in the new X-MEN movie. This might be a good time to take a census of everyone's thoughts and feelings on the matter of Ellen and her hotness, now that she's totally out us guy's reach. I'd say she's still very much within the sphere of desirability, which does make things a little awkward. I wont lie, I was a little disappointed by the confirmation that she's only down with the ladies. Sure, it was already pretty obvious where Ellen was on that subject. I guess I was still fooling myself into thinking she was just quirky. Not that I'd ever have a chance with her anyway, but being a relatively tall guy, I have a weird yet characteristic fascination with petite little things like Ellen. Probably has something to do with that whole "opposites attract" thing.

Now I'm just another pig of a guy who can only imagine how hot it must be when Ellen and her woman get down to the freaky naughty. Yeah, I know. Our fascination with their sex life is one of the reasons why many lesbians despise men. That and the whole having a penis thing. We can't help it though. Lesbians are like when Mario becomes Super Mario. It's double the hotness for us. And just like Mario, we want to jump all over that. So I guess Ellen is still hot to me - maybe even more so now. How about you?


Source: Flare


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