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Elle Fanning's fanny looks red hot in spandex

07.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Do you remember in the not too distant past when everybody was talking about how Dakota Fanning was "going places?" While I'll think they meant she was on the path to a long and prosperous career in movie stardom, the only place she ended up going was purgatory for young actresses – obscurity; boxed out by her younger sibling, Elle Fanning, who showed greater efficiency when shaping a steady acting career. Her position will be strengthened tenfold once word of how f**king awesome her ass looks packed into spandex spreads across the cyber land. Maybe there were those of you who already knew about this little beanpole's bump in the road, but not I. One thing's for certain: Elle Fanning's name has just officially been added to the Internet watch list. You go ahead and spend some quality time with this set; I'm gonna find out if any local theaters are showing THE NEON DEMON. If these photos had turned up before the movie's release, I would have been there opening night.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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