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Elle Fanning was the most powerful of them all at Variety's bash

08.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
One upon a time, Hollywood was all about her older sister, Dakota, who managed to be the only child actress hired for a period of time during the 2000's. But the Fanning family was smart and made sure that she left the business for a little while to go to high school and live a semi-normal life, so as to not disappear into the craziness of the industry, lost forever. This seems to be the case with Elle Fanning as well, as she worked less during her younger child years and has only recently been embraced as the "It" teenage star in a number of interesting roles. Variety magazine anointed Elle as one of their cover models for the Power of Young Hollywood annual issue and made a big fuss over the starlet at their party, where she wore another one of her flouncy dresses, complete with a sheer panel through the middle that showed off her popular pale belly button. My wager is that Dakota will continue working and have a reasonably sensible life and Elle might be the one with a few stumbling blocks. But that's what the youngest sibling is for! They get to screw up because Mom loves them more regardless! (For my youngest sister who occasionally reads my posts, MWAH!)
Source: Daily Mail


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