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Elle Fanning tries out different braless looks on the set of Galveston

02.20.2017by: Cherry Liquor
First I saw these pictures of Elle Fanning on the set of her latest movie, with most fans of hers cooing over the fact that she's in a blue bikini, showing off that pale slice of perfection that is her nubile young body. Then, because I care about more than just bikini and pokie filled white trash costumes, I went looking to find out what this movie GALVESTON is about and discovered that the film has Ben Foster (whom I love), will feature Elle as a teenage hooker that Foster's character rescues, and is directed by Melanie Laurent, one of my favorite Tarantino ladies. To top it off even more, the movie is based on the book by Nic Pizzolatto, whose name you might remember the credits of True Detective and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. So it's packed full of the goods, Elle's unsupported breasts just being one of them. The movie is due out some time in 2018.

And if the sometimes blurry pics snapped by the paps aren't good enough for you, Elle posted one of her own on Instagram for your enjoyment.

Source: Got Celeb


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