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Elle Fanning side boob almost turned into a total wardrobe malfunction

03.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

You gotta love this young, enlightened generation of hotties. The more of them I see walking around – not only famous babes, but your average, good-looking citizens, as well – the more I realize the needle has truly moved. I see more unsupported boobs, nowadays, than I can recall at any other time since I couldn't help but notice boobs. Even Elle Fanning, a hottie who always struck me as more conservative than most, shows little interest in wearing a bra, no matter if the chances of accidental exposure are great. She must've known those overalls were not the best choice if she fully intended to keep herself concealed. Lo and behold, a tiny fraction of Elle's nip found its way out and was captured during a perfectly timed encounter with the paparazzi. The more this girl shows up around town, the more I find myself eagerly anticipating the resulting images. You can't help but think of Elle as the "daddy's little angel," type, but perhaps there's a little neon demon in her after all.

Source: NS4W


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