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Elle Fanning showed off her tight body in even tighter leggings

09.12.2016by: Droz

I mentioned in this week's Face Off how Elle Fanning's favorite pastime nowadays seems to be walking around in public showing off her abs in sports bras and her ass in tight leggings. Further proof of her enthusiasm for this look came over the weekend, when she continued the trend in a rainbow-colored number. Isn't it interesting how many of the young barely legal famous hotties we've seen cross that 18-year-old threshold this year seem to be off and running where the sexy moments go. It's almost as if they were waiting around, chomping at the bit for the day when they could show off this way and not make everyone into a felon in the process. I guess they really do mature faster nowadays. They really should be more patient where where this sort of thing goes. They don't want to blow their wad on sexy moments in that first year and then wind up a a been there, done that situation. Better to let those hot moments trickle out a little at a time. Eh, they're still young. They'll figure it out eventually. Or they'll just start doubling down on the hot moments. Either way, it's a win-win for you and me.

Source: NSFW


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