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Elle Fanning shares the sexy results from all that yoga

09.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

As Elle Fanning's yoga outfits become smaller and smaller, we're seeing more photos of her leaving the gym she frequents circulating the Internet. Coincidence? What's the point of spending so much of your free time engaging in, what is essentially, glorified stretching if you're not going to share the results. Luckily, Elle subscribes to that same logic, always quick to show off that lovely midriff in front of the paparazzi's lens. THE NEON DEMON comes to home video next week and even though Ms. Fanning 's uncovered bits don't make an appearance (I haven't seen the movie yet, but I definitely would've known about it by now), I'm still eager to watch the young up and comer do some freaky catwalk shit in high definition – I don't know what that means. All I know is she plays a fashion model and crazy shit ensues. That's expected coming from Nicholas Winding Refn. Being open to starring in out-of-the-mainstream indie films is a good sign; we may yet see Elle Fanning venture into more risqué roles.

Source: Hawt Celeb


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