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Elle Fanning's flat tummy is always nice to look at

03.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

Checking out Elle Fanning in her usual work out gear is akin to gobbling down some of your favorite comfort food. Sure, you've had it a million times over, but it is always does the trick. This is especially true with young Fanning, as she hardly ever adds anything new into the mix. It's always a sports bra (usually bright neon, pink, yellow or orange) and a comfortable pair of spandex, almost every inch of her flat tummy exposed. A tasty dish, no doubt, but I could go for a cleavage-filled side item every once in a while. You know, something that complements her seared-to-perfection anatomy. Or how about allowing the local paparazzi to follow her into her yoga class. Some bending and stretching would add a nice bit of tang for your sensitive palate to enjoy. Elle Fanning has yet to attempt a shocking "look how comfortable I am with my sexuality," public declaration. Let's hope it's on her to do list.

Source: NS4W


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