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Elle Fanning looks like she just stepped out of a Disney cartoon

06.28.2016by: Droz

The press conferences and premieres and publicity events in support of Elle Fanning's THE NEON DEMON have come on in rapid fire mode as of late. As the star of the show, Elle has been at the center of most of these various events. Her latest press event for the movie might be my favorite. Am I crazy or does she look very much like an animated character from some old Disney cartoon here come to life? The cat dress only solidifies this super sweet, Disneyesque quality of the younger Fanning sister.

Speaking of the Fanning sisters, I've been mulling over both Elle and Dakota lately, now that they're both ordained adults. Specifically on the subject of who I find more attractive. It's a tough one. They both have their strong points. I think I gotta go with Elle though. She has the prettier face, IMO. While I would say Dakota has the nicer bod, Elle's figure isn't too shabby either. Overall, I think Elle has the upper hand as a hottie. What say you?

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