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Elle Fanning keeps it cutting edge with a Neon Demon inspired magazine shoot

06.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Wow, they're really pushing hard with the promotion of THE NEON DEMON, aren't they? In the latest spectacle to come out of Refn's latest polarizing work, V Magazine is featuring its star, Elle Fanning on the cover with her co-stars Bella Heathcote and Abbey Lee, slathered 1980's New Wave makeup and hair, sporting some plastic, lace and otherwise see-through attire with large knifes as accessories. I'm not sure how I feel about the spread as a whole, what with the dead girl imagery going on (even the beaded clutch next to Bella's supine body reads "drop dead gorgeous"). I understand that they're going for something shocking enough to grab people's attention away from their mobile devices for longer than 5 seconds but at what cost? Taking three beautiful women who would have looked far more appealing in still similar attire and styling without the cadaverous poses. I also understand that this is something the movie touches on, which only leads me to question - why give so much away? Why is there not even an iota of the surprise element here? They did so much better with the vague marketing of DRIVE, a film that did exceptionally well considering the tough-to-sell material, you'd think someone would have been less asleep at the wheel with this one, so to speak.
Source: V Magazine


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