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Elle Fanning is radiant in Rome promoting The Neon Demon

06.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Director Nicolas Winding Refn might be a polarizing director but when it comes to casting the right people (or perhaps more specifically, casting the beautiful people) in his films, he's riding high. Refn garnered praise for DRIVE and scorn for ONLY GOD FORGIVES, both of which starred the undeniably good looking Ryan Gosling, but with his upcoming new feature, THE NEON DEMON, the Dane has smartly placed the radiant pale-skinned Dakota Fanning as the beauty the Hollywood hags are looking to manipulate. Fanning has a look that borders both innocently childlike while being ethereal in an ageless, fairy tale princess manner. Elle has been celebrating this first year of young adulthood, showing off her fit frame in daring dresses from Cannes to Rome, where the cast got together for a photocall for the film, which releases on June 24th. The actress danced around her her strappy white dress, flashing bare shoulders and tender smiles as well as mugging with her director. It's hard not to be charmed by her, which might help sell the bizarre film better for the masses than it did for the Cannes crowd.
Source: Daily Mail


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