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Elle Fanning can't stop showing off her workout fanny

10.03.2016by: Droz

I hesitate to call Elle Fanning a gym rat, but it sure does seem like she spends a lot of her not acting or modelling time either going to or coming from a workout location of one sort or another. Putting aside any criticism of such things for a minute, I would like to give Elle praise for how well her devotion to whatever workout she prefers has paid off for her. It's unlikely such a perfect, if not unlikely ass could sprout from such a slim figure completely naturally. I guess I could be wrong there, but I'm going with the workouts as the main reason for why Elle fills out her leggings as well as she does. She's put the time in on that tush and she has every right, along with all my encouragement, to show off the results of her efforts whenever she feels like it. She and her ass are things of beauty and joys forever.

Source: Superior Pics


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