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Elle Fanning brought her gorgeous glow to the Cannes opening ceremonies

05.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor
With the makeup styled the way it is, this is the closest I've seen Elle Fanning look like her big sister, Dakota. I get the familial resemblance but I've always felt that the two looked similar but rather different at the same time, which is a good thing when you have two young actresses looking to book work and not get the audiences confused as to whom they're watching. Then again, I was never able to tell the London twins apart and that's left me angry and confused for years. (I hate having people tell me that they look so different and the times I've had to keep rechecking which one was on 7th Heaven and which was in MALLRATS only to find out it was both Jeremy. Dammit. Now I'm angry again.) Elle was a darling at last year's Cannes, when she was on hand to promote her role in THE NEON DEMON. And now I'm thinking about how I really wanted to see that movie and still haven't. I'm just a big ball of aggro in this post. Elle looks pretty. I'm taking a nap.
Source: Saw First


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