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Elle Fanning brings a bunch of sparkly booty to The Neon Demon premiere

06.15.2016by: Droz

I've been reading up on the details of Elle Fanning's THE NEON DEMON. Sounds like a fairly intense movie, centering on the rapid rise of a pretty young runaway caught up in the world of fashion modelling. I don't know if it's necessarily an indictment of that industry or just an exploration of its darker sides, but the whole thing has a purpose built shadiness to it - kind of like the back room of a dive bar in a bad part of town. You know there's some untoward shit going on in there after the sun goes down. I get the same feeling about this movie. It all makes casting Elle as the young girl in the middle of this shady business a little weird. She looks so innocent and sweet, which I suppose is the point. This movie is meant to demonstrate how the modelling/fashion industry corrupts and saps the youths of those who get involved in it. Fortunately that didn't happen to Elle. She's got plenty of time yet to be corrupted, which wont take very long should she keep showing off that cute little butt.

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