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Elizabeth Olsen's love affair with super tight workout gear remains strong

02.08.2017by: Droz

They must really be putting the cast of the currently filming AVENGERS sequels through the ringer, at least where the workouts are concerned. That's understandable. Seems the shit hits the fan in these movies, based on what I've looked at in the comics and whatnot. So no doubt the team will need to be in shape to deal with all the running around and fighting things in their quest to save Earth and all that. One benefit to us with all the behind the scenes calisthenics is Elizabeth Olsen bringing that public camel toe goodness. My inclination is to think Elizabeth gets some satisfaction out of the attention she gets from wearing these form-fitting things out in public. But then again, she might also be in a "f*ck it" frame of mind after an intense day at the gym and simply doesn't have the energy to make sure the paps don't get any shots of her perfectly outlined crotch. Obviously I'm more inclined toward the first idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter. Either way, it's all gravy for us.

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