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Elizabeth Olsen rocked the cleavage in fine style

02.24.2016by: Droz

The anticipation is building for Elizabeth Olsen doing her witchy woman thing in the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. She was by far my favorite part of AGE OF ULTRON and I expect the enthusiasm to continue with this new one. My only concern is that DEADPOOL has spoiled me. My whole view of super hero movies has totally changed. Now I want all my super heroes to be foul mouthed, murderous, smart asses. Tack on a little boobies goodness from Liz here and you'd have another grand slam Marvel experience. Oh well, at least you get a lot more spectacle with the Avengers movies and their big ass budgets. I think if I was recruiting Avengers to be on my side of this civil war, I'd definitely start with Scarlet Witch. Other than Vision, I'd say she's the one you'd need to get. Those two have the actual super powers and can use them take out pretty much any other Avenger. There's also the aesthetic factor. With Scarlet as an ally, your side's gonna look a lot hotter.

Olsen Scarlet Witch Civil War

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