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Elizabeth Olsen goes for a leggy walk in LA

01.26.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Now that Elizabeth Olsen is done with all of her Sundance promotion, it's back to the grind and keeping that Scarlet Witch figure in check. The actress was spotted going for a brisk walk out in Los Angeles (what we SoCal people refer to as a "hike" because we're goofy like that), showing off her fit stems. I guess it was an easy transition from Park City, Utah and the snowy cold weather there to an unseasonably cold winter here in SoCal, where temps have been hitting the 30s, which is nearly unheard of. Between that and the rain that we normally don't get, everyone is a bit flustered. Probably about as flustered as Lizzy's fans are when they get to check out her legs.
Source: Daily Mail


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