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Elizabeth Olsen could make Steve Rogers think impure thoughts

04.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Of all the movies in the Marvel catalog, I never thought much of Captain America. Then I saw Winter Soldier, and in a quick flash, I finally got the appeal. The only thing that bothers me about him is the same thing that bothers me about Superman; the absence of any perceived flaws makes related to him slightly out of reach. What's the use of being as good-looking as Chris Evans if he's always so adverse to hooking up, at least for a night. How could he fight alongside a hottie like Elizabeth Olsen and resist the temptation to do his patriotic duty; it was bad enough [when] he chose not to pursue some extracurricular activities with Romanoff, even though she seemed down. Those lovely legs Ms. Olsen walks around on would give me more than enough cause to reverse roles and put a hex on this witch. If you worried about disease or unwanted pregnancy dear Captain, just wrap it up in a Stars & Stripes condom. Make some impulsive decisions; capitalize on being Captain f**king America every once in a while. In short: Bed the witch.

Source: Got Celeb


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