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Elizabeth Olsen bewitches her way into many magazines this month

04.29.2016by: Droz

Seems like everyone wants a piece of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. That's because everyone knows it's going to blow up massive. The first big movie of summer often belongs to Marvel and this one looks to be one of the biggest, even more so than THE AVENGERS movies. Among the throngs eager to get in on the ground floor are the various magazines, who have selected Elizabeth Olsen as their go to CIVIL WAR hottie in a few magazine spreads this month. I get a number of different impressions of Elizabeth, depending on how she's presented. She does a great shape-shifting act to play Scarlet Witch, which is probably brought on by the red hair and whatnot. When she goes back to her relatively natural state, you can really see her Olsen heritage come out. She's almost like a 3rd twin who was born 3 years later. Fortunately, she's not gone the creepy route her older sis's have. Not yet anyway. I'm fairly certain their creep came about thanks to being media mogul billionaires in their 20s. That tends to warp one's perspectives on things in a permanent sort of way. Elizabeth looks much more grounded. Good thing, as I would very much like to depend on her for more Scarlet Witch goodness in years to come.

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