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Elizabeth Hurley shows everyone what her superior hottie genes can do

11.01.2016by: Droz

For the last few months Elizabeth Hurley has been taking to social media to show off how defiant her body and looks are to the passage of time. Girl is definitely proud of what she's still got after all these years. As she should be.

Elizabeth Hurley bikini social media

It's easy to forget how long she's been around. Liz is 51 this year and started showing up in movies 25 years ago. A quarter century and not so much as a dent in the hottie cred is a pretty damn impressive thing. She's part of an illustrious club of hotties who refuse to burn out. All that said, is it weird that after all these years and all of Elizabeth's hot moments, I still immediately associate her with the hot flight attendant with a secret in PASSENGER 57? I don't know why, but bring up her name and I immediately think of Wesley Snipes making bad puns and Liz threatening old ladies. I guess I'm just weird like that.

Elizabeth Hurley Passenger 57

Source: NSFW


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