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Elizabeth Hurley & her red hot timeless hotness hit the red carpet

03.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
At the London premiere of the new movie THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES, Elizabeth Hurley looked every inch the stunning supermodel that we were introduced to back in the '90's. Hell, Hurley looks even better now than she did in PASSENGER 57, with the thicker eyebrows and less polished look, so it's hard to process that she's 51-years old and the mother of a teenage son. What's not hard to imagine is Liz starring in a similar movie in about 20 years, considering that this flick stars Joan Collins, who, at 83-years old, is more than old enough to be even Hurley's mother and yet still looks perfectly preserved. Sure, she's had more plastic surgery than Liz, but still. At the rate celebrity women are aging, I wouldn't be surprised if Helen Mirren decided to go topless again at 100.
Source: Daily Mail

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