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Elizabeth Gillies works the red carpet with sexy precision

03.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

Yes, Elizabeth Gillies is really hot. Not even in the traditional, classic beauty sense; she's hot in the way her sexuality emits from every pore on her porcelain skin. She's also the Derek Zoolander of young Hollywood hotties. Every time there's a camera in close proximity, she gives her signature clenched jaw, pouty lip look - her own version of "The Magnum." Maybe she does have different variations, but like the doltish male model, each is indistinguishable from the rest. I understand she wants to put her best foot - or look - forward, however, it's okay to drop the overly deliberate façade from time to time. There are a few photos among this set where she actually cracks a smile, breaking up the monotony of said voluntary reflex... so that's nice. Oh yeah, they made a sequel to 'MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING.' Not that anyone gives two big fat shits about that.

Source: NSFW


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