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Elizabeth Gillies uses her witchy eyes to seduce the TCA crowd

08.10.2016by: Droz

This wasn't the most exciting outfit Elizabeth Gillies wore to this year's TCA panels. However, she was making those eyes of hers in fine fashion, which in many ways makes up for her doing that gratuitous cleavage thing she does elsewhere. I like her show, but I can't get over the feeling like she could do better. That palpable sexuality she exudes with just a glance makes me think she should be doing more substantial things. This is a woman who should have a signature character - one of those literary or comic adaptations with which she becomes synonymous, so that no one can imagine that character as anyone else but Elizabeth. The character I have in mind has unfortunately already been adapted in some shitty movies, but if I had things my way, I would have made Elizabeth The Baroness in a much more adeptly made GI Joe movie. She would so totally kill it in that role, walking around in her patent leather body suit with the kind of seductive looks she's making above. Damn. But for now I guess we can be content with her gig on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll show. It's funny and she looks hot in it. Plus, the gifs are excellent.

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