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Elizabeth Gillies understands and approves your adoration of her

07.07.2016by: Droz

Something I notice about Elizabeth Gillies is how self assured she comes across when out and about like this. She's always got a kind of amused grin on her face, which seems like her go to expression for when she wants to be seductive for the cameras. The effect of this is to paint Liz as the somewhat amused dignitary parting the throngs of beloved onlookers while grudgingly giving them her tacit blessings. Don't get me wrong, I think Elizabeth deserves all the worship one can muster. Girl is awesome it all kinds of ways and I'd gladly give her my adoration, were I lucky enough to encounter her on an NYC street like these folks. Still, it's kinda funny how good she is at this "Queen of Hotties" thing. When they inevitably get around to remaking CLEOPATRA, Elizabeth should be #1 on their list of actresses. She's already got the part down as a matter of everyday life.

Source: NSFW


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