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Elizabeth Gillies shows off her pair of ripe ones for The New Potato

08.04.2015by: Droz

Her VACATION movie may have proved just as terrible as it looked, but that's not stopping Elizabeth Gillies from continuing to do her severely bangable thing all over the interwebs. Take her spread below for cooking site The New Potato, wherein the Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll star hangings out in NYC parks with her increasingly famous cleavage once again front and center. Yes, the tits are fantastic on Liz, but perhaps even better than those is the heightened sexual energy she exudes. It just seems to waft from her like some kind of super potent pheromone tickling your nostrils with the scent of Elizabeth's own special mix of aromatic sex. I'm getting a vibe from that just sitting here looking at pictures of her. Imagine what it's like to actually be around her. She probably leaves a wake of dudes behind her, all of them pitching huge tents from the sight of her severely bangable everything. What a woman she is.

Source: The New Potato


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