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Elizabeth Gillies proves herself an excellent booster for her show

07.01.2016by: Droz

It's too bad more networks don't have Elizabeth Gillies at their disposal to promote their shows. She's quite good in that capacity, mostly because she looks so good while she's doing it. Just check her out at various places doing this very thing along with her co-star Denis Leary. She really is something else. I dig her Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll show, primarily because it affords Liz tons of opportunities to show off her impressive boobs.

Still, can't you totally picture her on Game of Thrones or some equivalent show where people are running around naked and screwing each other on a regular basis? Like, for instance, some lord's courtesan who gets naked and screws her master for 3 seasons before you realize she's actually a lizard monster in disguise or born of smoke from the womb of a vengeful witch. Some crazy shit like that could get a lot of mileage from Elizabeth's witchy temptress vibe. Someone better give her a role like that to really chew into some day soon. It would make her such a huge star, I know it.

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