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Elizabeth Gillies packs a whole lot of sexy into her tight pink

07.20.2015by: Droz

It's been so nice to see Elizabeth Gillies all over the place recently, thanks to her new show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. I caught a little of it the other night but passed out from unrelated exhaustion before the episode ended. What I gathered from the amount I saw, Denis Leary is an aged rock star who sees nothing but nonsensical foolishness in what the millenials are doing with rock music. A common perspective from most people over the age of 35 (who could ever have imagined that we would become the grumpy old men one day). Anyway, Denis decides to bring back some of that old school self-destructiveness that once exemplified the rock star lifestyle with a new band, which just happens to have his hot, young daughter singing lead. I think I'm gonna like this show, if only for the fact that Elizabeth walks around the whole time with her huge tits hanging out, sort of like how she was doing in this pink number below while on her way to do an interview for The Huffington Post. Denis Leary as a burned out rock star is great and Elizabeth singing in her angelic voice even better. Yet it's those perfect tits that are the literal big draw for me. Any chance to get some choice peeks at those beauties is totally worth my time.

Source: Superior Pics


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