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Elizabeth Gillies new video mixes sexy with a pinch of misandry

05.26.2016by: Droz

Elizabeth Gillies has a new music video out, preceding the new season of her show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. It's easy to forget that Elizabeth, in addition to being a super hot woman, also has herself a fine set of pipes, which she's showing off here. The song itself is okay - a little corny, but she makes it work. I'm not so sure about the content though. I can't imagine it would go over well if a male pop star made a video of him throwing his female f*ck buddy out a window and shrugging it off as nothing. I'm not going to get on a soapbox though. I could care less who she pretends to throw out a window, just as long as she shows off her good while she does it.

Source: Superior Pics


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