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Elizabeth Gillies is leggy and stacked in powder blue brilliance

06.22.2015by: Droz

Here's someone we don't get nearly enough opportunities to cover around here. I'm not sure why Elizabeth Gillies' visage doesn't make its way into the lenses of more paps. The camera clearly loves her - that beautiful rack especially. And she seems perfectly comfortable getting some photographic attention in those rare moments when such things happen. Elizabeth does seem fairly consistent with posting images on social media, but that's usually just a pic here or there. Not very helpful for compiling a number of viable pics to into the gallery format we like around here. This insufficient Elizabeth content is kind of strange. I would have thought she'd come to be just as present in media circles as the rest of the various Victorious alumni. Elizabeth fans should cross their fingers and hope her new FX show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll takes off, thus giving the media more reason to follow her around in sexy little skirts. I used to fancy Elizabeth even more than Victoria Justice. We see how frequently Vicky pops up around here. It would be great to see Liz even things up there.

Source: NSFW


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