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Elizabeth Gillies is clearly a master of rocking the Con

07.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Out of everything that I've seen getting debuted these past 4 days at the famous San Diego Comic Con, the show I'm most excited to watch is the latest offering from the master of twisted, intelligent TV, Denis Leary. "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" will premieres this upcoming Thursday, July 16th on FX (the same network that stuck so valiantly with Leary's "Rescue Me") and will star Elizabeth Gillies, a former Nickelodeon third rung bestie to Victoria Justice. Honestly, I believe that Gillies has a bit more crunch to offer than Justice, with her strong pipes and even more compelling body. But I think it's the fun that the cast was having at the annual entertainment festival (it's no longer just about the books anymore, folks) that really sold me on wanting to dial into the program. From goofing off with one another at the panel on Sunday to goofing off for their radio interview with Syrius to goofing off at some other party. Hell, the looks on John Corbett's face alone have to grab you guys and if not, Lizzie's fine posterior, impressive bust and even more dazzling sense of humour have to. 
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