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Elizabeth Gillies graduates to sexy adult role status for her new FX show

01.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I'm usually willing to follow wherever Denis Leary decides he wants to take me, especially when it comes to TV shows. Between the short-lived greatness of "The Job" and the longer-running appreciation that everyone developed for "Rescue Me," chances are good that Leary's latest show for FX will bring the viewers in in droves. "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll," will feature Denis as a has-been rock star looking to break back into the music industry with the help of his daughter, played by the former Nickelodeon darling, Elizabeth Gillies. Personally, she was the more compelling character to me, judging by the two episodes I ever watched of "Victorious." (You guys can have your sanitized cutie, Victoria Justice, if I can have Gillies.)

During the 2015 Winter TCA panel, Leary praised Lizzie for her strong disposition. "She was completely f*cking unimpressed by me," Leary quipped. "Every time I threw something at her, she threw it back in my face. She was unbelievable." Leary also disclosed his ulterior motives in casting Gillies. "My secret evil plan is that Liz Gillies has so many f*cking fans from when she was on Nickelodeon," he said, when explaining how he believes that the plan to market & sell the music from the show on iTunes (much like Fox is doing with the show "Empire") will pay off.

Source: Variety


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