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Elizabeth Gillies enjoys the results of her Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

06.29.2016by: Droz

Time for a new season of Elizabeth Gillies FX show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (a title which is really annoying to type, btw). I enjoyed the first season well enough, although I did feel like it could have used more Elizabeth. But I tend to feel that way about most things. You can't go wrong with more Liz. She's got a vibe about her whereby you never quite get enough. Thus the reason why I find it difficult to select just a few pics from the frequently massive selection of premiere pics they always provide. She just can't take a bad pic - especially when she's doing that seductive thing with her expression. That shit gets me going every time. She's a pretty cool hottie in a number of ways, usually coming across fairly relaxed and down to earth. I think I'd still find it a challenge to be around her like many of her co-stars. She's got the sex appeal dripping off her like sweat. How do they manage to cope with not being able to act on that?

Elizabeth Gillies in Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Elizabeth Gillies in Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Elizabeth Gillies in Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll
Source: NSFW


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