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Elizabeth Chateau is for those who enjoy motocross stars wet, tatted, and topless

03.23.2016by: Droz

I can't speak too much about motocross or those who excel at it. However, I do know me a hottie when I see one. And I'm looking at one right now with these pics of Motocross star Elizabeth Chateau. Just like with her sport, I don't know much about how well Elizabeth does as a racer. From what I gather, she's fairly new at it, but clearly already getting a lot of attention. I'm not gonna make any judgement calls about why she's getting noticed. I'm sure you can guess. Us guys, we've only ever got one thing on our filthy little minds. Am I right, ladies? Well hey, if she's willing to show it off, we're going to look. And she's certainly doing that in this new 138 Water spread. I gotta admit, these water wench spreads usually bore me to tears, but they've been stepping up their game lately. Lotsa hotties getting down to minimal attire with an overpriced bottle of water in their hands. Liz here is one of the better gets. I like what she can do with a bottle. She's not bad on motorcycle either.

Motocross star Elizabeth Chateau Motocross star Elizabeth Chateau Motocross star Elizabeth Chateau
Source: 138 Water


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