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Elizabeth Banks is a showstopper at the Magic Mike XXL premiere

06.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor

If only she could have gotten the movie stopped before it was made... *sigh* Women who are into male strippers make me sad for humanity. Not only do the majority of the men who strip not do the full monty, most of them are cheesy, overly primped, greasy idiots who couldn't be trusted to manage a (insert the name of a corporation that you believe is easy as shit to run). The first MAGIC MIKE movie was boring and pretty f*cking stupid as a whole but Channing Tatum has apparently put his dick in the water and turned everyone into sycophantic fools. If I really want to see a man with an amazing body be objectified, I'll watch Nia Long spray down the nearly nude Taye Diggs with a garden hose in THE WOOD again.

But I digress...

Elizabeth Banks has apparently taken a role in the wholly unnecessary sequel, MAGIC MIKE XXL and she took the red carpet walk seriously when the film premiered in Los Angeles last night, looking like the $179 million that her directed sequel, PITCH PERFECT 2, has brought in so far. Banks took some criticism recently when she was quoted in her interview for Flaunt magazine. When asked if she thought that Hollywood was more unfair to women over 40, she seemed to laugh off the sentiment. " I am 41. That’s true... Not for Sandra Bullock! Not for Meryl Streep! Not for Naomi Watts! I got plenty to do!" And as far as balancing being a celebrity and a woman with womanly wants like having children? "Women want to work because what we realized is that when you take that time to go away for six years and get your kids into first grade, people don’t hire you. They f*cking forget about you." I gotta say, Banks seems like she's the kick-ass chick you expect her to be in real life based on all of the awesome crazy characters she's played over the years. I like her tons. 


Source: Zimbio


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