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Elisha Cuthbert subsidizes her hotness by doing hair product ads

03.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Has anyone here bothered to check out "One Big Happy" yet? I know that the show was supposed to debut on March 17th and revolve around the lives of one lesbian hottie (Elisha Cuthbert) deciding to have a baby with her straight male best friend who ends up falling in love with a super hot British chick (Kelly Brook) and then hilarity is supposed to ensue when the threesome all live together. Of course this is brought to you by the super realistic network NBC, the one that suggested you believe that a coffee waitress and a usually-out-of-work chef could afford that huge apartment in the alternate universe New York where no black, Hispanic or other minorities ever lived. It's no wonder that Cuthbert is seeking out additional income by being the spokesmodel for Mane Addicts, a company that make hair style products. That certainly makes more sense to be than the storyline behind that sitcom of hers.
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