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Elisha Arrives For Premiere Of "He Was A Quiet Man"!

04.18.2007by: Seth Gecko
The wonderous Elisha Cuthbert was once again looking her very best at the premiere of her new film called "He Was A Quiet Man" alongside William H. Macy and Christian Slater. The film has been slowly gaining popularity as it comes closer to the release date but many still have not been aware of it's plot or characters. The film revolves around a man named Bob Maconel (Christian Slater) who is a lonely and ignored office worker who comes in day after day to work in a boring cubicle for 8 hours. One one particular bad day, Bob begins to lose his mind as he ventures from potential murderer to celebrated hero as he saves the life of his dream girl named Vanessa (Elisha Cuthbert). However, after he has saved her, he then turns around and asks her to tell him to kill her. Strange huh? It sounds like a really cool plot and could make for a potentially great and powerful performance from the entire cast. No release date has been set for the movie as of yet but stay tuned as it may pop up very soon with the recent premiere. Either way, Elisha looks stunning as always so check out the premiere photos below and enjoy!
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elishaquietmanpremiere (6).jpg elishaquietmanpremiere (5).jpg elishaquietmanpremiere (7).jpg elishaquietmanpremiere.jpg
elishaquietmanpremiere (4)1.jpg elishaquietmanpremiere (8)1.jpg elishaquietmanpremiere (2)1.jpg elishaquietmanpremiere (3)1.jpg


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