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Elektra Luxx answers your most desired questions

02.19.2011by: Seth Gecko

Have you ever had a burning sex question that you'd give anything to be answered by a famous porn star such as "My boyfriend wants me to dress up as Gail the dominatrix from "Sin City" and bang me senseless...should I do it?" Perhaps the question could be something more personal like "Would you send me the pair of leopard undies you wore in that special episode "Entourage"?" (That would be my perverted question for Carla). If you're one of those people out there with some raunchy inquiries for an experienced and legendary porn star, you're in luck as the voluptuous and orally-gifted actress ELEKTRA LUXX (a.k.a. the beautiful Carla Gugino) has taken some question from sex-starved housewives from across America and answered them in these exclusive videos seen below. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: No man deserves you're too perfect!
Tags: Carla Gugino


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