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Eiza Gonzalez was the cream of the Vanity Fair Oscars party crop

03.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Oh please, oh please, oh please let this be a trend happening. I struggle and search to find great images of the insanely hot Eiza Gonzalez when she shows up to premieres and other red carpet events, cobbling together all of the high resolution images that I can find to get this girl's star rising just a bit faster. However, it seems as if Gonzalez is infuriatingly trendy and is the case with her generation tends to show more on her personal Instagram account where she can control the media that's shared. At the famous Vanity Fair post-Oscars party on Sunday night, Eiza dropped the protective veil and decided to do us all a solid by showing up in a cream colored satin gown that flowed down her impressive curves and showed off a decent slice of leg when she started to walk off. I'm glad she took a break from filming her upcoming film, BABY DRIVER, to give us an eyeful of her greatness. And I totally wouldn't mind if she ended up Edgar Wright's next met-on-the-set girlfriend. 
Source: Pop Sugar


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