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Eiza Gonzalez was hot, ripped on Baby Driver set

03.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Bless his lovely little heart, Edgar Wright certainly has a way with casting his actresses. I can't say for certain that he chose Eiza Gonzalez because he was looking for a new girlfriend (hell, I don't even know if he's currently dating anyone since his split from Anna Kendrick in 2013 because we're not supposed to care about who directors are schtupping so long as they're not diddling the step-daughter) but if that's the case, I certainly don't blame him. BABY DRIVER, a action crime thriller (certain to be packed with laughs when you factor in that it's Wright written as well as directed) that features the baby-faced Ansel Elgort, is currently filming in Atlanta, Georgia where we got a look-see at Eiza in some tight ripped jeans and a tiny tank top showing off those curves of hers. Girl is definitely a looker on a much grander scale than anything ant-sized. 
Source: Got Celeb


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