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Eiza Gonzalez rocks the 2017 Grammy after parties with another hot look

02.14.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I'm not going to lie, I have a personal agenda to get as many Eiza Gonzalez posts up in 2017 that I possibly can. Not only is Eiza glamourous for every event that she shows up to, this time for the Warner Music Group 2017 Grammy after party, she's on the verge of finally breaking out as an actress, what with more movie roles this year, including Edgar Wright's upcoming BABY DRIVER. Who would want to build a wall if they could see that this was the beauty that they'd be keeping out? And if I keep it up, perhaps the paps will continue to follow her around, getting me more opportunities to show off her greatness when they do. I mean, where are the bikini shots from casual trips to the beach? She clearly takes these trips, as her Instagram posts will testify, but no one is stalking her, getting us the peachy Alba Shot, and there's something truly wrong with that.
Source: Wonderwall


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