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Eiza Gonzalez in a figure-hugging dress demands attention

09.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

Goddamn! Eiza Gonzalez attending Variety's 10 Latinos to Watch event yielded some eye-popping pics. No one, not even Variety, needs to tell us to watch a lovely Latina like Eiza. We here at have been on top of that shit for some time, tracking her every movement like some hot front making its way across our continent. Mexico has too much to offer America's collective culture to be so unnecessarily walled off. For Christ's sake, imagine being deprived a steady diet of her tasty images all in the interest of a divided world. And before someone makes a pointless rebuttal because they think I'm making a stupid assertion – something along the lines of: Like a wall would mean we wouldn't be able see pictures of her! – I'm being facetious. It's hard to take anything going on in this political season seriously. What I do take seriously? – Making sure Eiza Gonzalez and her perfect form is seen by as many fellow enthusiast as possible. It's too good to let something like borders get in the way.

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