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Eiza Gonzalez gets us animated with her deer beauty

01.30.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I gotta say, if you're looking for the right representative for an adorable doe-eyed creature such as Bambi, you can't go more right than Eiza Gonzalez. The lovely Latina wowed in a strapless embroidered mini-dress featuring the likeness of Disney's most well-known forest creature, making it possible to have the little fawn look that much more adorable. Eiza is in one of my more anticipated movies of 2017, the next Edgar Wright movie, BABY DRIVER. But while I'm super excited to see what Eddie is going to do with this material, I'm also equally excited for the project that Gonzalez is currently filming, the adaptation of the manga ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL, by director Robert Rodriguez. The film is getting a screenplay co-written by James Cameron, who isn't as well known for writing great scripts as he is directing huge splashy CGI flicks, but the man does know a thing or two about how to tell a cyborg story. Eiza won't be playing Alita (that would be Rosa Salazar, of the MAZE RUNNER movies and FX's Man Seeking Woman), but come on. The cast includes Christoph Waltz and recent SAG winner Mahershala Ali, both of whom always bring a depth of presence to their roles. But back to that dress and the woman in it. What more can I say? Wowza.
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