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Warning: Eiza Gonzalez's legs may cause serious eye strain

08.26.2015by: No Cool Handle

The headline for this article is somewhat incomplete. Being that Eiza Gonzales is really the total, tight package; whatever part your staring at will probably cause serious eye strain. In my case, I'm going to have to confess to my optometrist my blurry vision started while staring at the photo of her tight ass and perfect legs for 8 hours. I've yet to watch the From Dusk Till Dawn series. Consequently, I won't be able to speak to any of her acting capabilities. Do I really need to? She can be the female equivalent to Tommy Wiseau and it wouldn't matter. She plays a vampire/stripper for crying out loud - one that specializes in snake charming. Come to think of it - why the hell am I not watching the show? I've heard it's not that great, but as long as she gets a decent amount of screen time, my requirements for giving 40 minutes of my time and attention are fulfilled. I've already spent the length of an entire season droolng over these photos.

Extra Tidbit: Is that outfit perfect or what?
Source: popoholic


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