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Ebonee Davis and her red carpet cleavage is hard to ignore

02.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Ebonee Davis is one of those models who doesn't receive half the attention she deserves -- I complain about this on a semi regular basis. Crazy hot, has an assortment of sexy features, and yet, there's hardly any real demand. If there was I probably wouldn't have to come across these images to know she was one of the featured SI models this year (even if it was only a part of their model search). She's been around a bit [too]; most notably as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. I first took notice when she was put in front of respected pervert, Terry Richardson's lens for her topless debut. If you want to see what a perfect set of natural tits look like, take a moment to Google that under appreciated, classic shoot. Just look at her awesome cleavage and try not to make the minimal effort it would take to see those puppies fully exposed. There's also a companion video included that'll give you some nice views of her flawless skin and tight little booty. Yup, that thing's nice too.


Source: NSFW


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