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Eastsiders hottie Brea Grant cuddles up to her kitty for new photoshoot

10.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Have any of you been watching "Heroes Reborn"? I have to admit, I just couldn't get past the first episode, deciding to tune out until someone could convince me otherwise. It doesn't help that a number of the people I was looking forward to seeing from the original series are taking their sweet time getting around to appearing on this new version, if at all. You might remember Brea Grant as Daphne from the show, the cutie who could run super fast. Grant has become a regular fixture in horror films as of late, outside of her work on the show "Eastsiders," which is heading into its second season this year. I have to question whether the latest addition to her resume, a film titled SNATCHED, that was just announced to have a cast including Brea and the criminally stricken former star of "Buffy," Nicholas Brendon, will continue with the actor in its cast with his recent arrest this month for allegedly choking his girlfriend hanging in the balance. Let's hope Brea gets herself attached to some more positive associations. I've always liked her perky spunk.
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